I don't get this anon vs non anon debate on twitter. I admit that there might be few rogue elements who might be using their shield of anonymity for tweeting provocative stuffs, maybe intentionally or maybe out of naivety. But to make a sweeping generalization that all anon


handles promote hatred through their tweets isn't fair. If u find some troublesome tweets, talk to them directly instead of indulging in gaslighting d entire anon twiterrati.

And what kind of hatred and provocative stuffs was @zoo_bear tweeting that he is being harrassed?


Haters don't need an excuse to target you. If they wish to target u, they will come after u no matter what.

Plus, tweeting pics of ur visits to Taj Mahals & Jhumri Talaiyyas from ur non anon handles & thinking of yourself as some brave chump is pure delusion, nothing else.


And if you are so interested in looking at people's faces and knowing their bios, try facebook or Instagram, not twitter.

Another reason people avoid putting their faces on twitter is to avoid potential misuse of their pics by cyber criminals who might use their and


their family member's pics and morph them onto p0rn videos.

One last thing is that in today's world, all of us whether anon or non anon are being snooped at. As Sharjeel Usmani said- agencies have all our details, whatsapp chats, phone call details etc.


Finally, If you have a problem with a tweet, call them out then and there only instead of waiting for some *shubh muhrat* to sly tweet against them.

Hope common sense prevails.