Socrates didn't believe in the democracy in which voting is a birth right. He believed in the concept of Intellectual democracy. He believed that voting is a skill which needs to be taught to the voters.


Only those who attain this specific education he believed, would be able to think rationally and vote for what's in the greater good, and thus only those people should be allowed to vote.


Socrates had a personal experience with this. Once, the Greek authorities put him on trial in a case and asked 5000 Greek jury to decide about his fate thru voting. He only managed to avoid being penalized to death by a narrow margin of 52 - 48, although he was innocent.


Socrates gives an example of two contenders in an election - a sweetshop owner and a doctor. The sweet shop owner sells the narrative to the general uneducated public that the doctor is your enemy.


The shop owner says- He is a psychopath who doesn't let you eat all these goody goody sweet stuffs which my shop serves. While I serve you sweet delicacies, this psychopath gives you bitter pills, and inflict pain to your body by doing surgeries, giving injections etc.


Now, the naive populace obviously won't buy into the doctor's view that all he is doing, all the pain he is inflicting is in the greater good of the populace.


India also faces a similar problem. Most of its citizens are irrational fools who vote on the basis of religion, caste, ethnicity and region. This is the reason we have elected fools to lead our country for the past 70 years.