Today's the biggest day yet for the UK QAnon movement. 15 "Save Our Children" rallies were held in London, Birmingham, Aberdeen, Bournemouth, Bristol, Dundee, Glasgow, Halifax, Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle and Newport. Over 20 UK towns/cities have now had one of these rallies

The London one began early. They marched from Hyde Park towards Buckingham Palace and then Trafalgar Square. Once again, most of the people attending were women. The numbers were definitely smaller compared to the last two marches, probably because it was early in the morning

The London "Save Our Children" crowd then joined the bigger march against Covid-19 restrictions at Trafalgar Square, which was attended by hundreds. Kate Shemirani and Mark Steele (and a few others) spoke at the rally

Here's the one in Birmingham. Doesn't seem like it was attended by anything more than a few dozen people. Note the #WWG1WGA sign on the banner behind the lady speaking


Save Our Children gatherings in Newport and Manchester today. Once again, a few doezn seem to have attended. Interestingly, one person attending the Leeds rally was asking people whether they should avoid "the adrenochrome/pizzagate stuff" on their banners and signs

A video from the Glasgow rally. Glasgow is one of the cities that has hosted every single Save Our Children rally that's been scheduled there since August. If you saw one of these rallies in your town or city today, please send me a DM or email (in my bio)

For those who have not been following the UK QAnon movement, it was established in July off the back of a similar movement in the US. Two major series of nationwide rallies have so far been held, this is the third one. Q UK Facebook groups now have tens of thousands of members

Seems like the Newcastle rally was cancelled today because the organiser(s) did not turn up. All the other marches seem to have gone ahead as planned


Apparently these two ladies were the only ones who turned up at Newcastle, h/t @gkersplunkski
Looking at their banner, all the famous QAnon slogans are there: Adrenochrome, pizzagate, WWG1WGA, the alleged child abuse symbol, etc. One of the ladies is also wearing a Q shirt