Thread - London coronavirus anti tyranny rally Livestream #TrafalgarSquare #London#AntiTyranny

2. Police been trying to break up the #LondonProtest for quite a time now, it is uncertain whether they have a plan #TrafalgarSquare #London #AntiTyranny

3. It sounds as though riot police are being deployed #TrafalgarSquare #London #AntiTyranny #LondonProtest

4. Flashback to earlier, peaceful protest before the police moved in

5. Riot Police trying to push people back to get into the square. Now a pause... #TrafalgarSquare #London #AntiTyranny #LondonProtest

6. Next week a bigger protest in Trafalgar Square.... #LondonProtest #AntiTyranny

7. Bit of a stand off, but police massing in one corner of the square, looks as though TSG might come in soon ... #TrafalgarSquare #AntiTyranny #LonsonProtest

8. This Sons of Liberty live feed has split screen and has the speakers on... #TrafalgarSquare #AntiTyranny #LondonProtest

9. Prof Delores Cahill speaking now... police activity appears to have quietened down... #TrafalgarSquare #AntiTyranny #LondonProtest #DoloresCahill

10. Trafalgar Square protest: Hundreds of anti-vaxxers and coronavirus sceptics gather in central London

11. In case this Sputnik feed is different to Ruptly, I include the link here #trafalgarSquare #antityranny #Sputnik #Coronavirus #Londonprotest

12. There is no need for any restrictions, the curve is flat...


13. This is the sort of propaganda repeated endlessly that the govenment is paying for on twitter

14. Jaclyn Dunne, Holistic Health Coach now on #coronavirus #antityranny #TrafalgarSquare #LondonProtest


16. MC is @KateShemirani Follow her. LIVE from Trafalgar Square in London: Resist & Act For Freedom Rally #LondonProtest

17. The close up live stream gone down, but this was the scenes an hour or so ago when police tried to get to the square

18. Looks as though the speakers have finished for today, this live stream still going #londonprotest and dont forget next weeks protest will be bigger...

19. The BBC Disinformation unit jokers have this to say...

20. ITV belatedly do a couple of tweets on the #LondonProtest

21. This seems to have been another live stream on periscope

22. Police told to choose their side by the people and then (unconnectedly) police withdrew

23. Some photos of Trafalgar Square #Londonprotest

24. Not from today but great song, "you can stick your NWO up your arse" ...

25. This may have been the intitial charge #Police

26. Next Saturday a bigger protest is planned



28. ITV as biased as ever,..

29. Meanwhile if you want to add some empathy to Boris, who is finding it difficult to cope on just £150,000 and he has to buy his own food, just checek out #PoorBoris . he appears to not have any empathy for those who livlihoods he has destroyed with a fearpyop lockdown...


31. Corporate media cant help themselves. Sky use the lazy, ignorant term meant as a perjorative, which only shows them up for what they are - ignorant... #trafalgarsquare

32. More footage of the Police attack, which was not met with violence which rather unsettled the police



35. More Corporate churnalism...

36. Apparently police blocked all the exits to the square...

37. Beware Byline Media -agenda churnalism

38. Reports coming man died 6 Police on top of him then, pick him up handcuffed clearly not moving, put him back down, undo the cuffs. NO police try to resuscitate, lady from crowd helps but clearly dead and ambulance took 30 mins.


39. This BBC disinformation guy gives me the creeps, spying on who his masters want surveilling ... urgh

40. This appears to be the possible fatality, but not sure if it has been confirmed.

41. Trafalgar Square protests end with 32 arrests as hundreds of anti-vaxxers and lockdown critics clash with police #TrafalgarSquare

42. Whatever you may think of either protest, there was a difference in police that cannot be denied... #BLM #Antityranny

43. The "alternative media" "corporate lite" Brees and Jukes have their agendas and dismiss others as "conspiracy nuts" a term which shows their ignorance of the truth...

44. Police have issued a statement stating that the man has NOT died, he became unwell, and is still in police custody after treatment.

45. This is another live feed, not watched it but believe it covers the injury incident, which to me is still unclear as some say 2 people were injured badly.

46. Another view of the rather lumbering charge of the police into the peaceful crowd

47. 90% of cases identified by Pillar2 are false positives... Lies, Damned Lies and Health Statistics – the Deadly Danger of False Positives #MichaelYeadon #coronavirus #falsepositives #covid19 #covid1984

48. Covid-19: Does Sweden have herd immunity? #Sweden #coronavirus #falsepositives #covid19 #covid1984


50. Volunteers wanted for next week


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