I will write whatever comes to my mind, so this thread may get long. This is about the degenerate wokes around us and why we should take the situation seriously.

Need your patience, lot if it. Do read.


Starting with internet presence. During clg, there was congress rule and many scams were highlighted by Anna Hazare and BJP. BJP had a HUGE internet presence. Every meme page was a BJP supporter and every college kid made fun of pappu. This used to be “cool” during our times. 2/n

Because congress was actually at fault at that time At that time, the moralistic issue was “corruption”. But over the years, opposition has found a way to demean the govt using economy” & “secularism” as their trump card against the current govt. This ACTUALLY appeals kids


And BAM! you can see the wokes commenting on such issues. Agreed economy is a debatable topic, but wrt secularism, they don’t know the real picture, and just for the clout they pretend to be rebels.

Now, everyone has their opinion, but let’s cover WHY this is a problem..


It’s cool during the college times when you are a rebel. For that, these people are supporting parasites, just because they’re the enemy of the regime. Also, BJP=conservative side, so these wokes go and rebel there as well. They don’t have respect for culture, parents n Gods

And we’re talking of the age where you can mould ideology of a person very easily. Just that at our time, it was moulded by the right people. These degenerate people can be seen insulting their values everyday for clout. And are not ready to listen.


Why didn’t it matter in 2019 election? Because many of these kids haven’t reached the voting age.
By 2024 also, their numbers won’t matter much, but will be good enough to open the eyes of govt. By 2029, a significant amount of vote share will be by this generation.


And the argument “Everyone was a liberal before 18” is NOT entirely applicable to the new gen. True, we were liberal, but we weren’t degenerate enough to use reIigious books as toiIet paper. This is a totally new mentality we’re dealing with, which won’t listen to facts.


All that matters in the end is clout, which they get from their colleagues if they criticise BJP. All this base has been cleverly laid out by ubercool insta pages & standup comedians. Even if someone reads basic fact: and talks in favour of BJP, they’ll be made fun of.

Why I’m mentioning BJP many times? Well BJP, they’re just a party, but with this new gen, the values are getting lost just because they hate BJP. Since the party represents our culture more than others do, these wokes are against it. We’re seeing our future getting destr0yed

Do you see this entire gen celebrating these festivals in future:

Diwali, Holi: Pollution propaganda
Teej, KarwaChauth, Rakhi : Patriarchy propaganda.
MahaShivRatri, RamNavmi etc..

Do you imagine them even going to temples?


Putting it like @abhiandniyu


Our gen was swayed by meme pages and jokes on pappu. Currently RW Internet presence is very less than that of LW. By less I mean RW content is circulated among RW only. This needs to change.


The HOW part is painful. But when some RW celeb fact checks, how many of you are generous enough to put it on your status or timeline? If a RW page makes a meme, how many of you share it amongst the APOLOTICAL ones?
You need to do it more n more.

APPROACH big instagram meme pages with your RW memes. Start sending them memes, let them share it, they are important because this makes the perception that RW can be cool too. Remember: “ being cool” and “clout” is all what matters to them.

Peddle YOUR propaganda first among your contacts. Leftists don’t care if you put any status or not, they just share the content they like. And usually we’re the ones replying them. This only gives them validation, and this needs to be REVERSED

Make use of our glorious history. Share more and more facts about our Kings and their valour. NCERT has done enough to fade their history and we HAVE to reclaim it. Let’s be proud of our kings and make others too.

Celebrate your festivals with PRIDE. We post only during the main festivals Diwali and Holi, why not for the other festivals?

ENCOURAGE woke people to read BhagwadGita by telling them it’s the solution to all their problems(which Wokes have a lot).

All points can be summed up as making your internet presence stronger, and this is the same point I started with.

I hope you’ve reached the end of the thread with honesty. Small steps, slow progress but a bright future for our culture.