1. If Hindutva is Hinduism that resists, well, it includes resisting the caricaturing of our Deities by Abrahamics, atheists or otherwise, & non-Abrahamics, atheists or otherwise. Given d history of oppression of Dharmic faith systems by Abrahamics, there is no room for symmetry.

2. Celebrate free speech and expression, sure, but do realise that their application isn't uniform and cannot be uniform because they are bound to land differently for the oppressor and the oppressed. After all, that's the underlying premise behind the SC/ST atrocities Act.

3. Abrahamic Athiests see Hinduism in d same light as their faiths. That's where d fundamental problem is. As long as this false equivalence is accepted, Abrahamic Athiests pose more of a threat to Hindus than their own faith systems for multiple reasons, which I will set out.

4. First,Abrahamic faiths have internal mechanisms 2 deal with what de believe is apostasy. Whether u agree wid their mechanisms is frankly irrelevant bcoz u & ur views *don't* matter to dem.They care only for d sanctity of their faiths.They hv their priorities sorted,unlike us.

5. Second, Indian Dharmics are unique & peculiar civilizational orphans.They have systematically allowed d State to dismantle their institutions & hence institutional response mechanisms citing history written by colonizers who aided an imperial evangelical proselytising agenda.

6.Ergo,Indian Dharmics & Dharmic faith systems,who/which r perpetually vilified & stereotyped do not deserve 2 b equated wid Abrahamic faith systems or Abrahamics.Never forget d fact that u r a global minority without a single State that is dedicated to protecting ur way of life.

7. Third,Abrahamic Athiests may b pissed off wid their faiths for a gazillion reasons.That *does not* translate to dem even remotely acknowledging d continuing genocides committed by their erstwhile co-religionists against non-Abrahamics,in particular idol worshiping polytheists.

8. Fourth, Abrahamic Athiests weaponize atheism to go after other faiths while pussy footing on their own faiths.Even Christopher Hitchens, for all his atheism & polemicism went after Catholic Christianity & Islam more than Judaism.Was it because his mother was a Jew? Who knows.

Fifth,Sam Harris pushes Jesus as a bohemian free spirit to launch his criticism of Islam. None of these so called atheists wants d pagan traditions back nor r they willing to replace d Judeo Abrahamic foundations of Western Civilization which d *celebrate*. Convenient atheism?

10.Indian Athiests are d only naive ones who have bought into d completely deracinated version of Atheism & d myth of absolute free speech while constantly celebrating Hitchens & Harris.Originality hai ya girvi rakh di?Ur civilization ought 2 come first before Abrahamic atheists.

11. I have seen public tweets where d PM and his family haven't been spared. I have seen tweets were paramparaic Acharyas haven't been spared unmentionable indignities. All in the name of criticism and the right to free speech. So why does an Abrahamic Atheist get a free pass?

12. I am not justifying any kind of language because I personally believe in taking down an anti Dharmic, Abrahamic or otherwise, brick by brick and expose her or him for what she or he truly is - a hypocrite of the first order. That's how I operate.

13. But I will not apologise to an Abrahamic Atheist who deliberately insults our Deities for fun and money on behalf of members of a vilified and oppressed Dharmic global minority who are finally saying "enough is enough" after ages.I am glad d community is finally standing up.

14. Learning to draw a line in d sand which is non-negotiable & cannot be crossed under any circumstances is d first step towards reclaiming dignity at any level, personal, professional, social & Civilizational. If that basic rule of the world doesn't register on u, I pity u.

15. Celebrate free speech & expression as u must because that's what Dharma teaches us. But don't create an imaginary utopia which u willingly & embarrassingly drown urself into.Wake up,smell d coffee & get real.The world isn't Dharmic,so learn to put and protect Dharma first.

16. Btw, d much-reviled "Trad Hindus" & "d Temple Gang" who some ppl love taking potshots at bcoz "Hindu liberalism and Hindu unity", r d first ones who will step up to protect Dharma. That's *why* Dharma needs "trads". Now go cry an ocean for all I care. There, I have said it.

17. If you are a persecuted global minority like Hindus, first learn to never underestimate d value of Civilisational intransigence. If that's something you can't wrap your heads around,all ur platitudes about the civilization r just that, platitudes and empty talking points.

18. Finally,if I am accused of being part of "the Temple Gang",u know what,nothing makes me happier than that.I am happy to b part of d Temple Gang.That's what Dharma badly needs & I am happy to serve that cause in my own limited ways to d best of my limited abilities.Over & Out.