Thread : Did a live chanting of Ganesh Atharvashirsha on my YouTube channel yesterday. To my utter surprise just got to know that Tseries and Royalty Network an American company has copyrighted Ganesh Atharvashirsha! From Yoga Asanas to turmeric to Basmati rice and now this. 1/3

My simple Question is Why should copyrights claims be entertained when it comes to the greatest treasure of vedic wisdom passed on since centuries through Shrutis and Smritis in Gurukuls all over India.When are we going to learn from past mistakes? 2/3

When are the Hindus going to stand up and proudly claim the ownership of that which is rightfully ours though we intend to share the benefits with one and all? What next? Gayatri Mantra? Before it is too late... Wake up Hindus!!3/3

The video which got copyrighted is completely ours, you can watch it on this link - Ganesh Atharvashirsha :


Both the companies have released their copyright claim from the video. But still, as I do have some people to help me write to them and get these claims released but what about thousands of others who don't know this? Is it ethical to claim Indian Heritage?