About 75 yrs ago, unnecessary carpet bombings continued against Jpn. Internationalists are working on a project to colorize the black and white photos of those days. Photos of the dead are used by internationalists as a brainwashing tool to no-borders. I've a complicated feeling.

On July 10th, Allies 123 B-29's were dropped M47 oil-burning incendiary bombs, E46 (M69 oil-burning bomblet 38 pieces), M50 (M17 thermite magnesium bomblet 110 pieces) into Sendai City. (cont)


Originally M17 bombs was intended for air raids against Germany, using the high temperature of the thermite reaction to destroy bricks. (cont)

It was rare to use thermite magnesium incendiary for Japanese houses by US army. In Japan, Napalm, which burned wooden houses and people, was effective. It might have throwawayed against Japan because Germany's war end. #WW2

Oita carpet bombing on July 16, 1945. A total of 2,358 completely burned houses and 130 half-burned houses were burned. 10,730 people lost their home and property. #WW2

75 years ago, on July 17, 1945, the US Army B-29 bomber's No. 4 engine ignited and the smoke was belching. It's a colorized photo by a neural network. #WW2