1)Billie Eilish, heavy is the crown.

Each facet began to unravel so extensively that it still doesn’t seem complete... but those parts aren’t usually meant for us, right?

I made a thread for each focus I highlight since it was becoming a mammoth from the jump.

2) We woke up, & she was everywhere. They told us “she’s the next big thing”...bc that was their agreement. Media components, advertising partnerships, digital plans, festivals, & celebrity endorsements...the machine was ready. https://mobile.twitter.com/SaphireSlice/status/1274416788034502660

3) She came from a quirky suburban family, right? It’s strange that they leave out the political, science, lawyer, & Ivy League family tree. Oh, & that Billie flirted with modeling, managed by a Roth...

4) I’ll admit, I never saw this coming- devil’s in the details, right? Was the agreement negotiated through music videos? When you line up their debuts, there’s an interesting conversation taking place...& it doesn’t whisper “giant marketing push for free”https://mobile.twitter.com/SaphireSlice/status/1274505102833917952

5) I realize a large number of us are recognizing the obvious occult comms in photos now, but I never cease to be surprised. I have to remind myself that they also know we know, but they don’t get to make decisions- they’re owned https://mobile.twitter.com/SaphireSlice/status/1274966414328311809

6) She’s ‘unexpected gasp laugh in public’ funny when she’s allowed & feels the freedom to be. It’s ‘teen humor & angst’ *bc she’s a teen*, but the girl that has a haunting music persona isn’t the one you’ll encounter here. https://mobile.twitter.com/SaphireSlice/status/1275015529904963590

7) I wasn’t going to do this section, but I didn’t see what I expected during the weeks I looked- even though she’s good at pushing every limit. I saw the controlled face of a massive social experiment that’s testing EVERYTHING at once. I found unexpected links to Fritz

7b) Springmeier’s research. She’s not innocent, she’s made choices. However, I found myself realizing I was holding her to the same expectations I’d have for an adult. Even that might be a part of their testing goal. W/e it is, it’s dark. https://mobile.twitter.com/SaphireSlice/status/1275132466735525888

8) After hearing Gina’s interviews, there’s SO much more to her being put into the spotlight- *tons*