Billie's music & media: Her music videos are startling love notes to mind control, the occult, and demonic nightmares.

2) Let’s hit the songs first, bc she’s a ‘singer,’ right? Handlers, demonic oppression, owing a debt that can only be paid with a life..a living nightmare. “Bury a Friend” is broken down here:

3) When Billie performs “Bury a Friend” live, she does the ‘Arch of Hysteria’ which is used to represent demonic possession. Unsurprisingly, a creepy artist that will be relevant later as well, made it into an ‘art sculpture‘ owned by Podesta


3b) Cannibal serial killer, Dahmer, liked to put some of his victims into the pose. (I will not be posting those photos- sick). Here’s Billie doing the arch during a performance to a crowd cheering “bend it, b*tch!”

4) In a little known song to most, Billie has a representation of herself tied to a ladder in the middle of a dancing circle that she later lights on fire. The symbolism is like the human sacrifice ritual of the Druids. Similar pagan rituals use a ‘straw man’ in place of a live..

4b) human sacrifice (a la burning man & Bohemian Grove- tho there’s debate about whether it’s an effigy). The person who ritually sacrifices Billie is Billie herself. Before she lights the match there’s a focused camera shot of a dancer in black & white...

4c) checkerboard overalls (Masonic much? Worth noting- she’s burned on a ladder, & ladders are the recurring ‘theme’ through her EP...who has ladders in their symbolism again? 🙄)Her song “Watch” (later remixed as “&burn”)

5) "See Me in a Crown" shows her in a crown used for mockery, and her obsession with spiders in the first of the 3 videos takes it to the next level when she has a live tarantula crawl out of her mouth. Another video is her singing the song through an empty mansion.

5b) The third version of a music video for this song is animated, and shows her eventually bursting into a spider & destroying everything while 'rainbow flowers' look on in horror. Interestingly, there was a video about the importance of spiders as a ‘weaver & killer’- obviously

5c) the web is used as a trap, and spiders like a black widow kills her mate and most of her babies. The video explained the different pagan connections to spiders and then went into the artist Louise Bourgeois (the same 'artist' for the Arch of Hysteria sculpture)...

5d) Louise was obsessed with defiling sex, torture, and gore (body parts). She’s the woman that did the giant spider sculptures that are stories high in prominent cities. A favorite among the elites, she was also into 'caged' art. The narrator overlaid the obvious occult spider..

5e) references with Billie and ‘See Me in a Crown.’ Spiders, Arch of Hysteria, being controlled, the’s like Louise Bourgeois designed Billie's persona concept. Louise will come into play yet again with 'Bad Guy.'

5f) For now, here are snippets of “See Me in a Crown”...

6) One of her first singles was ‘Bellyache.’ She references dead friends in her back seat, wearing a noose around her neck, losing her mind, and leaving her lover in the gutter. Keep in mind, she wrote these songs when she was a pre-teen...

7) A song called “Lovely” allegedly represents depression In the video, she and Khalid are trapped in a glass box (I’ve seen an ex occultist compare it to Saturn’s black box), both completely wrapped in chains & devoid of hope. The song ends with each of them doing one eye..

7b) ..symbolism to each other. Admittedly, I think this song is beautifully painful. The song opens with these lyrics: “Thought I found a way
Thought I found a way out
But you never go away (Never go away)
So I guess I gotta stay now...

7c) ... Oh, I hope some day I'll make it out of here
Even if it takes all night or a hundred years
Need a place to hide, but I can't find one near
Wanna feel alive, outside I can't fight my fear...

7d)... Isn't it lovely, all alone
Heart made of glass, my mind of stone
Tear me to pieces, skin to bone
Hello, welcome home”

While they say it’s about depression, I can’t help but wonder if it’s really about the entertainment industry.

8) Another music video is for her song ‘Hostage.’ It opens with her sitting in front of a white square, at the top of white stairs that don’t lead to a door. She has him trapped. He wakes up in an all white room.

8b) In Illuminati color schemes: “WHITE – This is more a containment colour. Actually there is a thin white band between each colour, which helps with keeping the ‘colours from mixing’. Generally if BLACK starts to get a sense of the other colours, WHITE will generally try to...

8c)..contain the breach. In this case, WHITE translates to Psychiatry and other means. These thin white codings on above colours maybe referred to as ‘light blue’, for example. Obviously higher up they do not use Psychiatry...

8d)... to stop the spread of information, each colour code has their own means of cross contamination control. WHITE works with ORANGE to contain BLACK, however because ORANGE is higher then WHITE, WHITE is unaware of ORANGE influence.” Throughout the video, the captor seems to..

8e) out his captor, Billie’s, affection. She observes him through a two way mirror, returning to mess with him again until the walls literally turn into live restraints & he’s captured (like a spider web). Billie returns to the top of her stairs, watching him struggle.

8f) It should be noted that in between the shots of the white room, there are flashes of other colors. I’ll get more into that when I get to her extensive monochrome outfits


8h) As for the stairs in the beginning, her entire EP symbology incorporates ladders and stairs that resemble Freemason ‘steps to knowledge & enlightenment’...

8i) You can watch the video here:

9) I wish they didn’t put so much dang symbolism bc I actually love this song; “When the Party’s Over”...However, she’s in a white room, white clothes (containment, looks like a mental hospital), covered again in chains.

9a) Say there, is that a choice to drink the darkness of the industry? After she does, you get a startling change in persona as she stares straight into the camera

9b) She claims the video idea came from a fan drawing. An ex-occultist said black seeping from the eyes here represents being filled w/ demonic darkness. As it starts seeping she begins to gag and choke. Choking on your choice?

10) Heard of the song ‘Bored’? Probably not, bc it’s saturated with symbolism of someone climbing a ladder to something we never see. She’s wearing all blue (In occult comms, blue=water=information), in another white room, climbing ladders.

10b) I can’t believe I have to do this for a THIRD video of hers pre ‘making it big’. Climbing ladders to the unknown- has she gotten an honorary Mason apron yet? Hey Interscope, she’s saying she’s all in- k?


10c) “Bored” is supposedly about a boy. Based on the symbolism, dude must be named lucifer.
“Giving you all you want and more
Giving you every piece of me
I don't want love I can't afford
I just want you to love for free

10d) Can't you see that I'm getting bored?
Giving you every piece of me, piece of me

I'm not afraid anymore
What makes you sure you're all I need?“

11) She has a song about suicide on her LP that ends in street screams and ambulance sirens. Again, think of the age she would’ve written this. Where the freaking heck were her parents?! I’m not linking the song. It did major damage to a suicidal teen I know. KIDS listen to it

12) Stick with me- there’s a reason I’ve hit all of these videos before Bad Guy. First, we need to cover one more: “idontwanttobeyouanymore” (they did that type of f*ckery title writing). It’s in all white, she’s in all white with chains, & she’s talking to herself in a mirror..

12b) mirrors are used to represent the alters in a mind control victim &/or as a demonic portal in black magic. So..who does she not want to be anymore? Herself, or the alter persona? White & chains...control?

12c) Let’s hit some of the lyrics:

“I just wish you could feel what you say
Show, never tell
But I know you too well
Got a mood that you wish you could sell..

12d) [CHORUS]
If teardrops could be bottled
There'd be swimming pools filled by models... (*sidenote: in another thread we learned she was a model for Rothschild Management)
Told "a tight dress is what makes you a whore"
If "I love you" was a promise...

12e)...Would you break it, if you're honest?
Tell the mirror what you know she's heard before
I don't wanna be you...

13) All of these videos hit before her MEGA PUSHED “Bad Guy” video. She claims that she did art direction for every video...but someone else did “Bad Guy” (& got in trouble bc he stole a lot of the imagery from an artist). Let’s look what the videos communicated & the order...

14) Based on imagery, what she’s openly communicating: “Bellyache“ (March 2017): she’s ok w/killing her old life for money, “wears her noose like a necklace.” She’d gladly ‘die’ for a taste & bury her current situation. Next is “Bored” (June 2017) She’s ready to be in the know..

14b)..and willing to climb their ladder to ‘knowledge’. She’s wearing all blue, again saying let her in on it, she’s bored & she’ll do what it takes. Next is “Watch”(Sept. 2017): red is everywhere, so she’s willing to take the pain. She’s not only on board, she literally...

14c)...sacrifices herself in a ritual. Next is “idontwanttobeyouanymore”(Jan. 2018): chains, the makeup from the previous videos is gone, she literally telling her old self she’s done ‘being her‘. This video shows her first major step towards the person they designed for her...

14d) ‘pretty’ is over, she’s accepting the terms and wearing a baggy white outfit. She’s saying goodbye to her innocence and past for piece of their machine and fame. Next is “Lovely”(Apr. 2018): she’s in all black, accepting, but lamenting, that she won’t be free again. She...

14e)...can see outside, but her cage is clear, invisible to outsiders. She wanted in their club & now she’s learning her place (rain cloud above cage=flood of water=new knowledge), covered in chains.

15) She’s now communicated that she’s ‘officially in’ through her “Lovely” video...but on social she’s not doing so well, and in interviews years later, she says she was in a really dark place. Soon after her “Lovely” video, her outspoken friend that admonished the industry...

15b)...while regularly being associated with the occult, XXXtentacion (XXX=666) was murdered in June 2018. She was openly incredibly upset, & unfounded rumors that his murder was the price for her fame swirled


16) The next video to be released wasn’t the ‘official video’ but it was pushed out for vertical platform viewing. “See Me in a Crown”(Aug. 2018): following a music video in despair & chains, then the murder of a friend, Billie is put in a ‘fools crown’ used for mockery, not...

16b)...the dominate role the lyrics allege. Spiders cover her, even coming out of her. In her ‘fools crown’ she’s ‘put in her place.’ Spiders are commonly used in trauma mind control. This top was telling her “know your role.” The next video is her seemingly acknowledging it...

17) That brings us to “Hostage”(Oct. *8,* 2018): locked in a white room that occasionally flashes different colors as she messes with ‘her hostage’. Ironically, while she’s mocking & leaving her hostage tied up, she herself is also trapped, but she knows she is, &...

17b) takes her place at the top of Masonic looking stairs (where ‘enlightenment’ is in Freemasonry). She’s a higher controller’s captive, but she plays her role well now, no ‘fools crown.’ Instead, she’s distracting, attracting, & putting her...

17c) own captive in bondage. Flashing colors are referenced by Fritz Springmeier re:mind control


18) So, after losing her friend, performing a song for him, and being vocal about her opinions re: him, she was publicly & symbolically shamed by the top. She made a response video, showing her willingness to do the bidding of those controlling her. I think the next video...

18b) is symbolically the most important.

19) “When the Party’s Over”(Oct. *25,* 2018): debuts just days after her ‘I’m your trapped toy, and I’ll trap others for you, and I won’t get back out of your dictated behavior again’ “Hostage“ video. She’s still in a white room, in all white clothes, but she has a final choice..

19b) legit, just a second, I’m about to pray.
-Lord, by the blood of Jesus, I rebuke anything that’s not of you from forging any stronghold. As it says in 2 Corinthians 10:3-5, we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.-

19c) This wasn’t a video- it was a ritual.


19d) When it opens, and she’s presented innocently in all white with the black glass, she’s about to symbolically begin the illumination process. After she’s consumed it, she makes direct eye contact w/the viewer...”I’m all in”

19e) tears of lucifer, demon possession, steps in alchemy... I don’t care what you want to call it, and it didn’t come from ‘a fan drawing’. It’s occult/mystery religion/“Nimrod & Solomon approved” darkness purposefully done publicly so those in the know, know.


20) The next video was “Bury a Friend”(Jan. 2019): this video was so blatant that it seemed like a ‘coming out of the shadows‘ party for her masters- they were bragging that they’d brought demonic mainstream. Look at their creation, look how teens will fall in line, look how..

20b) easy it was to saturate every platform w/o parents even *noticing*! This was her masters boasting about their controlled creation & a summary of the things she went through during 2016-2018 to get ‘fame’. I know I’ll hear ‘it was her choice!’...but how much of it was?...

21) The next video is her ‘reward’ for her submission in 2018...”Bad Guy”(Mar. 2019): SHE’S IN FULL COLOR. Every single video in 2018 was saturated white or black. If it wasn’t for her blue hair, there’d be no color in 2018’s videos (except for 4 brief color flashes in ‘hostage’)

21b) the video opens with a full yellow screen. Not joking, supposedly in comms, yellow=reward. To those in the know? She’s one of you. She bursts through in all yellow (a literal trophy?) and behind the broken paper, you see blue (=info).


21c) next scene: blue room, white clothes, & she’s wiping blood from her nose all over her face. “Blue Room” is slang for a morgue & they cover dead bodies in white sheets. Blood can signify death, life, pain, ritual...or too much coke. I think her handlers think they’re funny.


21d) the color stack is strange & makes me think it reps her ‘path’. Red-pain, Green- a ‘plant’ in the system, Yellow- rewarded, & Blue-information she gets bc of the first three. Blue is standing in the prominent position. Also, her attitude has changed...


21e) The video goes off the rails. Before we get to the dead guy with milk, a brilliant person (that I’m not sure would want to be tagged?) reminded me that “In RGB color space (Red, Green, Blue) PINK is the unnatural result of the absence of Green. Pure Red + pure Blue = pink“


21f) Milk is used for lots of dark magic, and let’s leave it at that. The guy having his mouth used as a bowl is a victim of hers AND tennis shoes w/a suit. We see Red-pain, Blue-info, & magenta where they mix. Hell’s picnic.


21g) Did you miss the muse for Billie’s persona? Ms. Louise Bourgeois is back! (She was the spider queen, loved dismembered body parts, cages, heads, probably a glass of wine after sculpting the Arch of Hysteria...)

21h) Last scene- thank goodness. According to the song she’s the “might seduce your Dad type” (reminder: recorded age 15/16). She’s into dog collars (Fritz has opinions I’ll put below). The whole room is red & black(pain/S&M). Again, where was her handl-...erm, I mean, mother?

21i) I can’t find the interview on YouTube, but during her dog collar phase she told the interviewer she likes to be choked during...The interviewer made the face I’ve made for years:”I know I’m not old enough to be your mom, but I don’t want to hear this“ Fritz’s take attached:


22) We’re not even close to the finish line, drink up. After her carnival on crack “Bad Guy” video, her masters let her go full lucifer. They thought parents were so blind that anything was on the table. B*tches, it wasn’t.

23) Of course this video ends up at this up? "All the Good Girls Go to Hell"(Sept. 2019): while she was selling out shows, she still didn't have a Lizzo level hit in 2019. In interviews following this video, she continued to get wide eyed at 'how upset ppl got.'

23b) The spin was that the video was about 'global warming'. However, not only does that not fit in the least, that wasn't the initial narrative. There was a tweet by her brother saying it was about liking ''bad girls." Billie is shockingly vocal about sex (since preteen years)..

23c) I don't have the patience to find it, but when I first heard 'my lucifer is lonely' I thought, "I bet this girl that always refers to sex is doing a play on words. Lucifer in Cinderella is a cat, or p*ssy. Is she saying she needs to get some?! Wtf?" Some fan posted the...

23d) same theory and she 'liked' the comment. Global warming...right. Explosively offense lyrics for anyone that views Yahweh as God, not the reverse way that's taught in Freemasonry and to Luciferians. Ironically, since luciferians, freemasons, and mormons (yes, research)...

23e)...don't view lucifer as 'satan', then I'm assuming they'd be ticked, too. Lucifer as 'satan the fallen angel' means Yahweh dumped him, the opposite of what luciferians believe. (I've been told 'satanists are the bottom level, the 'illuminated' ones are w/lucifer. ANYWAY..)

23f) I'm not going to link the video, or post stills. Just imagine a singed bat with rabies in what I would previously call an apocalypse, but would now call 'downtown in a riot city'. I don't agree w/every post, but he sums up this video:

24) Y’all. Girl is about to get a wrist slap. The next video is “Xanny”(Dec. 2019): her devil video went just about as well as a dad joke at a funeral. This video had a Karen hair wearing, “ashtray for a face” Billie.


24b) She looks like a therapist that’s about to tell you “your parents love you very much, but yes, you’re why they’re getting a divorce” while she opens her ‘live, laugh, love’ journal.


24c) The powers that be had to have been punishing her for the wet, moldy bread her last video turned out to be. It looks like her budget was on par with a school play. The song is about not doing drugs or drinking while her friends do, but idk if ‘this Billie’ would be invited


25) Phew, last video. Xanny made me want a drink. “Everything I Wanted”(Jan. 2020): Unless she’s referring to a bizarre codependent sibling relationship, which she kind of was, this was a Hail Mary after numerous songs couldn’t outdo Lizzo. She was heading into award season &...

25b)...her label needed -anything-. They’d paid the right people, spent a fortune on global marketing, then Lizzo came along as the ray of sunshine her controlled persona wasn’t allowed to be. The video is Billie & her bro driving...

25c)...the song is about the pressure of the life she has, that she chugged a black drink to get into, & how her brother is her handl- oops, did it again- protector. She drives into the ocean, and as she’s sinking he stays with her (he’s not Ted Kennedy)...

25d) as a girl w/a brother that’s my favorite human in the world, I get the base sentiment. My bro would do anything for me, but they lose me w/the interlaced hand holding & “we drown together”bit. Throw in that his gf looks just like Billie, & I’m doing an ‘Irish Goodbye’. Nope


26) The videos for 2018 showed her uncertainty, punishment, being controlled, & despair. After “Bad Guy,” in both her public persona & performances, she now becomes a ‘different person’...I wonder if she’s given her ‘alter’ a name like other singers say they’ve done.

27) Sidenote: the flowers that are crushed when she becomes an evil spider in the animated “See Me in a Crown” are pillows on her floor where she & her bro recorded. Sure. At this point, of course they are...