1. Thread on Isaac Kappy. For those who were not following him at the time, I recreate parts of his "10 Months of Truth" against Hollywood, before he "suicided". This was my article on him just after he started to denounce Hollywood. #IsaacKappy #Kappy

2. Kappy started on or around 23rd July 2018 denouncing some Hollywood. His twitter went from 354 followers to 628 on that day in 6 hours, and 4482 just 3 days later. (Download and save archives as they are not for ever!) https://archive.is/https://twitter.com/IsaacKappy #Kappy #IsaacKappy

3. My first article which included Kappy was in fact published 25th July but I kept updating his part. At around this time Kappy seemed active I believe on twitter, 8chan, periscope, YouTube and Instagram Hollywood’s Starting to Crack Wide Open…. https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2018/07/25/hollywoods-starting-to-crack-wide-open/ #Kappy

4. Another archive site also has a few twitter archives, also worth saving offline and much can be learned from both these archives. By 26th not suicidal, released dead mans switch and July 22 tweet on the #Illuminati https://web.archive.org/web/20180726003226/https://twitter.com/IsaacKappy #sethgreen #Kappy #IsaacKappy


5. Nathan at Lift the Veil had done an interview with Kappy by Aug 10th #LiftTheVeil available here https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2018/08/10/lift-the-veil-nathan/ #Kappy #IsaacKappy #csa #childabuse #pedowood #hollywood

6. Kappy built a large following but due to his habit of long videos which did not reveal much new, I rarely used to follow him after this. This thread gives a useful summary #IsaacKappy

7. Kappy visited Fiona Barnett and they had a public falling out, but by then he had met Eliahi Priest the cause of much of Kappys demise. There was much disagreement with various shills eg OpenSecret and intra survivor arguments complicating the truth for many

8. Perhaps Kappys greatest reveal was Spielberg -Couple of French articles -
Révélations de l’acteur Isaac Kappy : Steven Spielberg et Tom Hanks sont des pédocriminels ! 1. https://levelevoile.fr/2018/08/revelations-de-lacteur-isaac-kappy-steven-spielberg-et-tom-hanks-sont-des-pedocriminels/ #pédocriminel #isaackappy #tomHanks #StevenSpielberg 2. https://www.nouvelordremondial.cc/2018/07/29/isaac-kappy-un-acteur-de-thor-balance-son-marteau-sur-les-pedophiles-dhollywood-steven-spielberg-est-un-pedophile/

9. After his death in May 2019 there were no doubt many articles , one I tweeted was https://steemit.com/isaackappy/@artistiquejewels/isaac-kappy-s-questionable-death-and-all-he-lived-through-as-a-child-actor-deaths-of-judith-barsi-heather-o-rourke-and-the #IsaacKappy #Death #suicide

10. http://Burners.me website had much information on Kappy after his death. This is one I tweeted as useful at the time Isaac Kappy Investigation, Part 2 [UPDATES] https://burners.me/2019/05/19/isaac-kappy-investigation-part-2/ #KappyDeath #KappySuicide #Kappy

11. When I RT this I said "Kappy document dump coming soon." I am not sure it did but the link is good https://burners.me/2019/05/25/steve-outtrim-isaackappy-interview-on-out-of-the-gate/ #IsaacKappy #Kappy

12. This was not meant to be comprehensive, just to give a flavour of what it was like when Isaac burst on the scene and told a few of his truths about Hollywood, and then maybe a few useful links, so that other researchers can run over and create a comprehensive summary.

13. Fiona gave a Eulogy to Isaac on her blog, grateful that in her view he became a Christian at the end. I am not sure if the footage of his last interview is still around, when he appeared under duress. https://fionabarnett.org/2019/05/16/fiona-barnetts-eulogy-to-isaac-kappy/ #IsaacKappy #FionaBarnett

14. To end the thread in this video on this page, Kappy now exposed Steven Spielberg as a pedophile and Dan Schneider, Stephen Colbert, John Podesta, Tom Hanks, Obama and others https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2018/07/27/isaac-kappy-exposes-steven-spielberg-and-others-as-pedophiles/ #TomHanks #csa #RickyGervais #Awakening #Childabuse #StevenSpielberg

15 The first detailed article on Kappy was probably this one, from @godofrage2 which contains more on Seth Green and Clare Grant and cronies https://thegodofrage.wordpress.com/2018/07/25/exclusive-hollywood-insider-breaks-silence-about-systematic-child-abuse/ #csa #childabuse #pedowood #hollywood #kappy #isaackappy

@GodofRage2 16. It would be great if we could make a timeline list of All Kappys periscopes, you tubes, posts etc @Tonymarono6 says some are on here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYObLnwLB6kzABpXOyLEwcQ

@GodofRage2 17. Truth inferno has also got Kappy vids on his channel. I am just working on other stuff for a while, but if anyone can help then @TonyMarono6 is willing to help as well https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHrAhwAg5VNQ3H0O7T6LzmA #Isaackappy #Kappy

@GodofRage2 18. This is Tonys channel - if anyone is willing to help build a timeline of Kappys output from July 2018 to his death then leave a tweet here or contact Tony or me https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-3hA8MFyu96739NCoDR6qQ?view_as=subscriber

@GodofRage2 19. The Haunting Last Words of Isaac Kappy: “Now, I Am One of Them” https://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/the-haunting-last-words-of-isaac-kappy-now-i-am-one-of-them/ #kappy #isaackappy #pedowood #hollywood

@GodofRage2 20. Tom Hanks posts Route 66 roadkill and red handkerchief before Isaac Kappy mysteriously dies on route 66 https://worldtruth.tv/tom-hanks-posts-route-66-roadkill-and-red-handkerchief-photos-before-isaac-kappy-mysteriously-dies-on-route-66/ #TomHanks #IsaacKappy #Kappy #death #dies

@GodofRage2 21. Isaac Kappy Investigation: Why I Am Walking Away - Burnersme https://burners.me/2020/03/02/isaac-kappy-investigation-why-i-am-walking-away/ #Kappy #IsaacKappy #Hollywood #pedowood

@GodofRage2 22. #Kappy #IsaacKappy #Hollywood #pedowood

23. DEEP DIVES – ISAAC KAPPY PART I https://totaldisclosure.net/2020/04/09/deep-dives-isaac-kappy-part-i/ #IsaacKappy #Kappy

24. DEEP DIVES – ISAAC KAPPY PART II https://totaldisclosure.net/2020/04/19/deep-dives-isaac-kappy-part-ii/ #IsaacKappy #Kappy #KappyMurder

25. Isaac Kappy vs The Shadows - The Hollywood COVID-Connection-to-Pedowood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTtwE9HF3n4&feature=youtu.be #Kappy #IsaacKappy

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