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National Anthem of Japan, KIMIGAYO

"Pray for thy prosperity of ten thousand years, like the little pebbles bind together with time to form a rock and flourish long enough to give rise to moss"

#Waka #Kokinwakashu #NobleLoser

The lyrics of KIMIGAYO, the National Anthem of Japan, is one of the anonymous Waka poems of "Kokin Wakashu". It was a collection compiled in 905 and was the first Poetry Anthologies Compiled by the Imperial Order. #KokinWakashu

I believe that the Imperial collection of Japanese poetry, which set out the first aesthetics of 'anti-Chino Japanesque', is the cultural DNA of all Japanese culture. And it is the particularly important Anthology for the tradition of Japanese feudalists. #JapaneseTraditions

The number of modern people (Japanese after the Meiji Restoration) who love the delicate aesthetics of this "Kokin Wakashu" as much as me is extremely small, and you will probably not find a Japanese who makes the same claim.

Today's Japanese love the simpler poetry collection "Manyoshu". However, even if people don't know the aesthetics in detail, they will sing the ancient words of the "Kokin Wakashu" as the national anthem. #NobleLoser